Violent video games promote violence in children

I find different opinions on the internet about the effects of violent video games in childhood. Some say that violent video games it increases violence and others that it [...]

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Desegregation by controlling enrollment is the best option to improve the education of immigrants and Roma segregated in ghettoized schools.

Context: In the Basque Country (North of Spain) there has recently been a popular legislative initiative to avoid the segregation of students with low socioeconomic status that is ghettoized [...]

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Dialogic learning is a scientific approach compatible with very diverse methodologies en castellano: Error happened. [...]

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Schools cannot overcome inequalities

One indicator of poor quality is to quote the Coleman Report to state that schools cannot overcome inequalities, hiding the scientific evidence that shows how such information is false. [...]

Elisabeth Torras 5 comments

Playing chess improves learning

In the study of Smith and Cage “The treatment group scored significantly higher than the control group on post-test measures of mathematics achievement, F (1, 38) = 4.14, p [...]

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Children with dyslexia don’t need early intervention, we must wait for their maduration.

  Students with reading difficulties  are perceived as lazy, not hardworking, slow childs but, nevertheless, more and more evidence demonstrate that this statement is untrue. The evidence shows that there [...]

Josep Maria Canal 5 comments

Students should not be given school homework.

I have heard many times that giving school homework to children and adolescents is negative for them because they would get stressed. I have also heard that children spend [...]

Marta Font 5 comments

Students benefit from grade repetition

Many teachers and parents think that repetition is a good measure for those students who have not reached the objectives of the course. They say that they are students [...]

Gontzal Uriarte 6 comments

Cognitive flexibility develops earlier than previously thought

Cognitive flexibility has been measured as a unique characteristic in adult brains. However, scientists have less tools to assess cognitive flexibility during early infancy. A recent study has shown [...]

Andrea Khalfaoui no comments

Writing collaboratively: elected or imposed, which is better?

This study set out to compare the nature of student-selected and teacher-assigned pairs while they were engaged in collaborative writing. The fact that students work in pairs or small [...]

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