It is necessary to bring attention to scientific evidence that accounts for the factors that favor academic success in students with disabilities.

  En 2013, el informe de Unicef ​​España (Campoy, 2013) afirma que los niños con discapacidad son los que más apoyo necesitan para desarrollar sus capacidades, pero apenas reciben [...]

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Freire’s dialogic perspective contributes to improving school achievements in subjects, values, emotions and sentiments

Freire was ahead of the social sciences as a whole when he included the dialogic perspective, among other writings, in his Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Freire, 2018). Many schools [...]

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Freire’s critical pedagogy has Foucault’s contributions as one of its important bases

Some authors have linked critical pedagogy and Freire to Foucault, but all evidence show the opposite. Foucault’s power conception defended the depenalization of pederasty and rape, Freire’s proposal, and [...]

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Althusser and Bourdieu’s reproduction model has been scientifically and socially overcome.

Its creator in 1969 (Althusser) already acknowledged that he was writing on the basis of books he had not read. Bourdieu, its best known representative, for his 1970 book [...]

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What educational improvements does Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality bring?

Information and Communication Technologies surround us in the educational world. There is a lot of talk about the benefits of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, but in which [...]

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Is interreligious dialogue beficial?

The interreligious dialogue has shown to provide links and build bridges among different beliefs, cultural and diverse religious communities as a way to connect people but also to prevent [...]

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Children with autism spectrum disorder benefit from interactive learning environments

Communication and social interaction are difficulties faced by persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Therefore, can they benefit from interactive learning environments? Research has provided some evidence in this [...]

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Intelligence is a fixed characteristic over time that depends mainly on genetics.

I think this is false. Intelligence is something that varies over time and is highly dependent on the learning-directed interactions that a person participates in a social context. Error [...]

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‘Bystander intervention’ is one of the keys to successful anti-bullying programs.

Not all interventions are effective against bullying. Among the keys to successful interventions is the so-called “bystander intervention” that tries to activate the students who witness bullying to stop [...]

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Learning depends on the different ‘learning styles’ displayed by students

In this link we can read: “Learning styles have more influence on learning than we realize because they represent the internal experiences we have or the way we remember [...]

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