Is interreligious dialogue beficial?

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Is interreligious dialogue beficial?


  • Campdepadrós-Cullell, R.; Pulido-Rodríguez, M.Á.; Marauri, J.; Racionero-Plaza, S. (2021). Interreligious Dialogue Groups Enabling Human Agency. Religions12, 189.



The interreligious dialogue has shown to provide links and build bridges among different beliefs, cultural and diverse religious communities as a way to connect people but also to prevent and overcome conflicts.

This article deepens on how interreligious dialogue enables human agency. Based on principles of dialogic learning, such as equality of differences, egalitarian dialogue, cultural intelligence, solidarity, and transformation, multicultural neighborhoods, local actors and multiple agents are able to conduct very different kinds of dialogues on different issues. The interreligious dialogue is beneficial in terms of social cohesion, meaningful conversation, networks of friendship, and advocacy initiatives.

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Yo he tenido la suerte de convivir y mantener amistad con personas de otras religiones desde muy pequeña. Esto se debe a que siempre he estado escolarizada en escuelas y institutos públicos, y lo considero una suerte. Lo considero así porque creo que es algo positivo ya que me ha convertido en una persona más tolerante y abierta de mente y también me ha hecho conocer mejor otras culturas.

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