It is necessary to bring attention to scientific evidence that accounts for the factors that favor academic success in students with disabilities

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: García-Carrión, R., Molina Roldan, S., y Roca Campos, E. (2018). Ambientes de aprendizaje interactivos para la mejora educativa de estudiantes con discapacidades en escuelas especiales. Frontiers in [...]

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Freire’s dialogic perspective contributes to improving school achievements in subjects, values, emotions and sentiments

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Rosa Valls & Leonidas Kyriakides (2013) The power of Interactive Groups: how diversity of adults volunteering in classroom groups can promote inclusion and success for children of vulnerable minority [...]

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Althusser and Bourdieu’s reproduction model has been scientifically and socially overcome.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: DiMaggio, P. (1982). Cultural capital and school success: The impact of status culture participation on the grades of US high school students. American Sociological Review, 47(2), 189–201 [...]

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‘Bystander intervention’ is one of the keys to successful anti-bullying programs

IMAGE: COMMENT: Not all interventions are effective against bullying. Among the keys to successful interventions is the so-called “bystander intervention” that tries to activate the students who witness bullying [...]

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Teachers expectations influence educational achievement

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES:   IMAGE: COMMENT: According to Flanagan, Cormier and Bulut (2020) “Teacher expectations affect students’ academic performance-high expectations are associated with higher academic performance and low expectations [...]

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Some forms of family engagement in school improves student academic results

IMAGE: COMMENT: Some teachers are reluctant to work side by side with families when considering their participation in the classroom. The science-proven benefits need to be shown to advance [...]

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Expulsions and suspensions for bullies are bad strategy against bullying

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in the Schools? An Evidentiary Review and Recommendations. Beyond the Breakfast Club: Variability in the Effects of Suspensions by School Context [...]

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Violent video games promote violence in children

IMAGE: COMMENT: I find different opinions on the internet about the effects of violent video games in childhood. Some say that violent video games it increases violence and others [...]

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Community support prevent sexual violence during COVID-19 pandemic

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Banyard, V. L., Plante, E. G., Cohn, E. S., Moorhead, C., Ward, S., & Walsh, W. (2005). Revisiting unwanted sexual experiences on campus: a 12-year follow-up. Violence [...]

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Interactive Groups in the second language promote the acquisition of skills

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Zubiri-Esnaola, H., Vidu, A., Rios-Gonzalez, O., & Morla-Folch, T. (2020). Inclusivity, participation and collaboration: Learning in interactive groups. Educational Research, 1-19.  IMAGE: COMMENT: Interaction, participation and collaboration [...]

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