Lecturing does not improve students’ understanding in mathematics

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: The mathematics educational community has been showing a growing interest in student-centered approaches. A lot of criticism towards lecturing has been expressed by mathematics educational [...]

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Need for the active participation of families for a good educational environment

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Monarca, H. A. (2013). Trabajo colaborativo con padres y madres. Ambito de actuación desde la orientación educativa. REOP – Revista Española de Orientación y Psicopedagogía, 24(3), 114. [...]

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Participation in educational leisure time youth organizations contributes to civic engagement and participation.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Aguirre, A., Moliner, L., & Traver, J. A. (2019, March 19). autonomous participation. An activist ethnography at the Maranya Youth Club. Taylor and Francis online. Retrieved on [...]

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The quality of education is determined by whether the school is public or private.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Research continues on the differences in academic results between public and private schools. This difference is what marks the discrimination between public and private schools [...]

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Inclusive education in Lithuania progresses very slowly

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Kessel, R., Dijkstra, W., Prasauskiene , A., Brayne , C., Villerusa, A., Baron-Coen, S., Czabanowska , K., Roman – Urrestarazu , A. (2020). Educación, necesidades especiales y [...]

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The myth of the influence of mixed schools in pregnancy

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: I think that the influence of co-educational schools on pregnancy is not so much but rather the misinformation about the subject of risky pregnancies; teachers, [...]

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It is important to work on values and feelings from childhood

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Bolotta, G.,  Devine, D. (2014). The “humanitarian value” of chilhood in rural Sierra Leone. Current Sociology.  https://www.webofscience.com/wos/alldb/full-record/WOS:000620318700001 Rouse, E., Hadley, F. (2018). Where did love and care [...]

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The importance of practicing emotional intelligence at school

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Maguire, S. A., Williams, B., Naughton, A. M., Cowley, L. E., Tempest, V., Mann, M. K., … & Kemp, A. M. (2015). A systematic review of the [...]

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Dominant music influences adolescent behavior and relationships

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Cremades, R., Lorenzo, O., & Herrera, L. (2010). Musical tastes of secondary school students’ with different cultural backgrounds: A study in the spanish north african city of [...]

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Educating teens in sexual health prevents many STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Cameron, S., Cooper, M., Kerr, Y., & Mahmood, T. (2019). EBCOG position statement – Public health role of sexual health and relationships education. European Journal of Obstetrics [...]

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