Grading may not be the best way to evaluate students

Research about educational testing shows that many factors affect the objectivity of grading, and thus its efficiency. On the one hand, evaluating someone results from a personal judgment, which [...]

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Analysis of the impact of teachers’ educational strategies on student achievement of learning objectives

In today’s societies, a debate has been generated around the importance of analyzing the influence of the educational strategies adopted by teachers in the attainment and achievement of curricular [...]

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Roma Women Students’ Gatherings enhance access to higher education

Roma women are leading many processes of change within their families and communities by   using education to challenge gender relations and overcome inequality. The action that grassroots Roma women [...]

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Boys are less intelligent than girls because of the type of entertainment they use in their childhood.

In childhood, boys and girls choose to entertain themselves in various ways, such as with dolls, cars, motorcycles, construction, cooking, etc. While another option can also be with books, [...]

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Parents’ focus on the academic achievement of one of their children may affect the academic failure of the other siblings.

Factors that predict school failure in a generic way have been detected: educational supervision, student context, family climate, moral and cognitive competence, educational context and student-teacher relationships. What concerns [...]

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Many Roma parents have had a bad relationship with schools and that is why some Roma children drop out of school.

Referencias bibliográficas: Cracsner, C (2013): Algunas de las Implicaciones Psicosociológicas del Fracaso y la Abandono Escolar en una Comunidad de Etnia Roma. Tomo 78, 13 de mayo de 2013, [...]

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Teacher expectations affect students’ academic performance; high expectations are associated with higher academic performance and low expectations are associated with lower academic performance.

Students’ academic performance has always had a high relevance in the priorities of the educational system. However, this is not only conditioned by the involvement of students and factors [...]

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How can we ensure that more students enjoy the learning process and the knowledge they acquire?

In order for students to enjoy the learning process, various educational methods have been developed, such as dynamic lessons and group work, so that students can communicate with others [...]

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Top scientific journals indexed in JCR and Scopus only care about metrics

Nature Publishing Group. (2022, January 11). Research evaluation needs to change with the Times. Nature News. Retrieved January 13, 2022, from Top scientific journals in JCR and Scopus [...]

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Children of parents with thalidomide (motor disability) more likely to be bullied in schools

Estamos ante la cuarta categoría, es decir, se necesita más evidencia científica, ya que tras buscar documentos en fuentes de información como Scopus o JCR vemos que no hay [...]

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