Need for the active participation of families for a good educational environment

To build a good educational environment, it has been shown that the active participation of families is necessary. This is why affirming that the involvement of families leads to [...]

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Participation in educational leisure time youth organizations contributes to civic engagement and participation.

El objetivo es demostrar la estrecha relación con el desarrollo de un perfil cívico activo y políticamente comprometido, teniendo en cuenta las restricciones que presenta el desencanto con la [...]

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The quality of education is determined by whether the school is public or private.

Research continues on the differences in academic results between public and private schools. This difference is what marks the discrimination between public and private schools in terms of educational [...]

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Inclusive education in Lithuania progresses very slowly

¿Por qué tomó tanto tiempo tener un sistema de educación inclusivo en las escuelas de Lituania? Debido al período histórico, cuando Lituania estuvo en la Unión Soviética desde 1944 [...]

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The myth of the influence of mixed schools in pregnancy

I think that the influence of co-educational schools on pregnancy is not so much but rather the misinformation about the subject of risky pregnancies; teachers, parents, and mothers greatly [...]

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There is hidden school segregation in Catalan inclusive schools

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE: Bonal, Xavier. (2012). Municipalities against school segregation: Six experiences of local educational policy. Jaume Bofill Foundation. Retrieved from: Bonal, Xavier and, Zancajo, Adri.n. (2020). Election of [...]

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It is important to work on values and feelings from childhood

As Rouse and Hardley(2018) say the word LOVE is very unusual to be pronounced in the learning process of children during childhood since it is not given the value [...]

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The importance of practicing emotional intelligence at school

My investigation scientific is about the importance to practice the emotional intelligence with child at the school. This is essential because prevents the bullying and aggressions, for example bullying [...]

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Dominant music influences adolescent behavior and relationships

Based on the reading of the book “Toxic Education: The Empire of Screens and Dominant Music in Children and Adolescents” by Javier Illescas, I am aroused by the curiosity [...]

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Educating teens in sexual health prevents many STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

According to various studies, it is very important to educate adolescents in reproductive health, because in this way many sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies will be avoided, in [...] no comments