Sensible periods do not prevent anyone from developing in the future

No sé qué poner aquí [...]

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Educational institutions can stop sexual abuses

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Sanchez, A., & Sanchez, F. (2006). Evaluation of school-based child school abuse prevention program. PSICOTHEMA, 18(1), 1-8. Topping, K. J., & Barron, I. G. (2009). School-based [...]

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Education without social skills is inefficient

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Tapia-Gutiérrez, C. P., & Cubo-Delgado, S. (2017). Habilidades sociales relevantes: percepciones de múltiples actores educativos. Magis. Revista Internacional de Investigación en Educación, 9(19), 133-148. Kilic, K. M., & [...]

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The “Learning-Service” programme does not promote learning

Hola, en algunas escuelas se está implementando el programa Aprendizaje y Servicio, quisiera saber si hay evidencia científica que avale su implementación. Error happened. [...]

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Studying influences being a successful person

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES:   IMAGE: COMMENT: Studying or not studying is a controversial issue that has been talked about a lot in recent times. It is believed that in order [...]

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Stress in students is increasing

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES:     IMAGE: COMMENT: To introduce it is important to establish a base, we see how the National Institute of Health, states that about 1 in 3 [...]

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All children exceptionally gifted have more problems to socialize at school

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Winner, E. (1997). Exceptionally high intelligence and schooling. American Psychologist, 52(10), 1070-1081. O’Connor. (2012). Is It Good to be Gifted? The Social Construction of the Gifted [...]

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Addiction is always hereditary

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES:   IMAGE: COMMENT: Today, it cannot be scientifically confirmed whether the sons and daughters of drug-addicted parents have a greater tendency to become addictive. Many factors intervene [...]

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Parental divorce worsens children’s academic performance and learning outcomes

Academic difficulties after parental divorce [...]

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Young people nowadays have less vocabulary than ever before

Are we loosing the ability to communicate? [...]

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