How can I contribute?

Contributions can be made as new posts or added to existing ones in the form of comments or editing the previous post, and they can be based on scientific evidence or everyday life stories.

There are four main ways to contribute to the platforms:

  1. Ask the community or contribute with your post: Create a post with a question or statement about a specific topic. This new post will be reviewed by the collaborators to ensure that it is published correctly and will be shown as “Under Review” until it has been published in any of the categories.
    Keep in mind that anyone can modify an existing post or add a comment to it. Remember that posts should be in English. Make sure you have registered before making a post.
  2. Modify a post already created by providing new scientific evidence. Since any registered person can modify a publication to add new scientific evidence, the post will keep a public record of the edits it goes through and who has contributed to its modification.
  3. Answer and provide information to other members: You can share your experiences or scientific information by adding them to the posts written by other community members. Reply to their posts by modifying them or adding a comment. When a post is modified, the usernames of those who made the changes will be displayed. While posts should be in English, comments can be in any language. Remember that you can also provide comments with relevant experiences and opinions related to the post.
  4. Spread the results generated by the platform community: Help spread the word about the outcomes generated by the SIS Platforms through social networks, friends’ networks, and other channels.