Top scientific journals indexed in JCR and Scopus only care about metrics

Nature Publishing Group. (2022, January 11). Research evaluation needs to change with the Times. Nature News. Retrieved January 13, 2022, from Top scientific journals in JCR and Scopus [...]

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Are exams necessary to prove a good school performance?

Most schools use tests to assess each student’s learning. But many people think that students study for the exam and then forget the content. Also, exams cause a lot [...]

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Can teachers contribute to overcoming child maltreatment of pupils at home?

Teachers often find themselves in situations where they do not know what to do. Claiming that a child suffers violence at home by their guardians can be risky. Error [...]

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During the pandemic, students preferred online exams

OTHER SOURCES: Remote E-exams during Covid-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional study of students’ preferences and academic dishonesty in faculties of medical sciences. Among 730 students, only about one-third preferred remote [...]

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Children who have been abused tend to have lower academic performance

Children who have been abused tend to have lower academic performance. Based on these articles we can verify my previous statement:   Error happened. [...]

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Have there been changes in current education compared to traditional education?

There have been changes in education, as the introduction of ICT (information and communication technology) has made teaching more digitalized. Teaching is different because current teaching is more geared [...]

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What possibilities do women have of getting a better future job after studies compared to men?

I want to know the answer to this question because, in the not too distant future, I will go from being a student to a woman who has to [...]

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How does gender violence affect education taking into account the psychological and physical traumas that these people may have?

I want to know the answer to this question due to the high percentage of women who suffer this gender violence today. It’s important to me, and for everyone, [...]

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How it has affected the quarantine of COVID-19 in relation to videogames addiction

Today, the problem related to video game addiction suffered by many young people has been the result of the COVID-19 quarantine. As a result of not being able to leave the house has helped to develop this addiction. Do we have evidence of this and how we can solve it? Error happened. [...]

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How can we achieve an inclusive school?

For years now, we have witnessed the beginning of a new form of education through inclusion. This new method can be found in the inclusive school, which must identify [...]

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