Is interreligious dialogue beficial?

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Campdepadrós-Cullell, R.; Pulido-Rodríguez, M.Á.; Marauri, J.; Racionero-Plaza, S. (2021). Interreligious Dialogue Groups Enabling Human Agency. Religions, 12, 189. IMAGE: COMMENT: The interreligious dialogue has shown to provide links [...]

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Community support prevent sexual violence during COVID-19 pandemic

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Banyard, V. L., Plante, E. G., Cohn, E. S., Moorhead, C., Ward, S., & Walsh, W. (2005). Revisiting unwanted sexual experiences on campus: a 12-year follow-up. Violence [...]

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Own houses are not always a safer place for children during confinement caused by COVID-19

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Caron, F., Plancq, M. C., Tourneux, P., Gouron, R., & Klein, C. (2020). Was child abuse underdetected during the COVID-19 lockdown?. Archives de Pediatrie. Garstang, J., Debelle, [...]

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