Play as a learning strategy in early childhood education for the full development of the child

Scientific Evidence Platform Under review Play as a learning strategy in early childhood education for the full development of the child

Currently, in early childhood education classrooms we can observe that a traditional methodology is used, where theoretical learning predominates and play is left in the background, which is only practised in the playground.

Play-based learning allows children to create knowledge in a more playful and active way, which contributes to the full development of their capacities. It also allows them to observe how they communicate with the world and helps them to create their own personality.


My argument is based on the following articles

● The Playing Learning Child: Towards a pedagogy of early childhood. Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson. Scandinavian journal of Educational Research.


● Play-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education. By: Cutter-Mackenzie, A (Cutter-Mackenzie, Amy) [1] ; Edwards, S (Edwards, Susan) [2] ; Moore, D (Moore, Deborah) ; Boyd, W (Boyd, Wendy). Book Authors: CutterMackenzie, A (CutterMackenzie, A) ; Edwards, S (Edwards, S) ; Moore, D (Moore, D) ; Boyd, W (Boyd, W). Young Children’s Play and Environmental Education in Early Childhood Education


● Play as a facilitating tool for teaching and learning in childhood education and fundamental teaching I. By Ramos, RD (Ramos, Rizia de Souza); Muniz, SD (Muniz, Simara de Sousa). Humanidades & Inovacao. Volume 7; Issue 8; Page 458.469; Published MAR 2020; Indexed 2020-06-15; Document type: article.

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SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Soler-Gallart, M., & Flecha, R. (2022). Researchers’ Perceptions About Methodological Innovations in Research
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