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Social networks are playing an important role in the dissemination of mathematics’ didactic resources

Original posted by Garazi López de Aguileta

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Scientific Articles

  • Valls-Carol, R., Álvarez-Guerrero, G., López de Aguileta, G., Alonso, Á., & Soler-Gallart, M. (2021). Citizen Debates in Social Networks about Didactic Resources for Mathematics. International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(21), 11686.
  • Knake, K. T., Chen, Z., Yang, X., & Tait, J. (2021). Pinterest curation and student achievement: The effects of elementary mathematics resources on students’ learning over time. The Elementary School Journal122(1), 57-85.
  • Mulenga, E. M., & Marbàn, J. M. (2020). Social media usage among pre-service secondary mathematics teachers in Zambia. JRAMathEdu (Journal of Research and Advances in Mathematics Education), 5(2), 130–147.

Explanation of the Post

We are increasingly seeing the role that social networks play in the field of mathematics. For example, researchers found that citizens published posts about didactic resources for mathematics on Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, these posts either include some reference to scientific research or claim to be based on scientific research (Valls-Carol, 2021). Some mathematics teachers seek resources on Pinterest to implement in their classrooms (Knake, 2021). A study conducted in Zambia shows that some pre-service mathematics teachers use social media in their mathematics classrooms both for learning and teaching (Mulenga, 2020).

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