Friday, Feb 04 2022

Digital media abuse hampers children’s attention in schools

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The abuse of digital media (television, video games, content, media) has been shown in a large number of population studies to cause a number of risk factors, from mental health to behavioural disorders. Among these factors are many cases in which the affectation occurs in the attention levels of children and adolescents, and occurs both socially and academically, causing a decrease in performance and success. It is therefore necessary to control the use of technology from childhood onwards so that, both in childhood and adolescence, the full development of all the cognitive capacities of these people is achieved.

Parents should recognize and understand their own roles in modeling appropriate media use and balance between media time and other activities. Pediatricians can help families identify and adopt a healthy Family Media Use Plan, minimize unhealthy habits and behaviors, and recognize and address issues that occur related to the use of traditional and new media that can negatively affect health, wellness, social and personal development, and academic performance and success (Chassiakos et al., 2016).

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