The best interventions against violence are based on socio-emotional learning.

Scientific Evidence Platform Hoax The best interventions against violence are based on socio-emotional learning.


I think that this is false.

In recent years we have seen an increase in programs based on socio-emotional learning interventions (SEL) against violent behavior in childhood. While it has demonstrated any effectiveness, we need to know if it is the best possible intervention or there are others like behavioral interventions that offer better comparable results. 

Against violence is not enough to know the good, we need to know what is the best.


1) “The studies of behavioral interventions demonstrated the strongest effects on increasing prosocial behavior and decreasing antisocial behavior. These studies also included the highest quality of research. The social–emotional learning intervention studies consistently demonstrated weaker effects and lower quality research”

Sabey CV, Charlton CT, Pyle D, Lignugaris-Kraft B, Ross SW. A Review of Classwide or Universal Social, Emotional, Behavioral Programs for Students in Kindergarten. Review of Educational Research. 2017;87(3):512-543. doi:10.3102/0034654316689307

2)  This meta-analysis defined socio-emotional skills in this sentence: “The socio-emotional skills referred to intervention activities centered around specific social, emotional, and psychological concepts such as empathy, conflict resolution, problem-solving, self-control, decision-making, and prosocial or coping skills”. After, in the results of the analysis we can read this sentence: “Interestingly, the absence of socio-emotional skills was significantly correlated with larger subgroup summary effect sizes for school-bullying perpetration outcomes.”. So, SEL interventions increased bullying perpetration.

Gaffney, H.; Ttofi, M. M. & Farrington, D. P. What works in anti-bullying programs? Analysis of effective intervention components Journal of School Psychology, 2021, 85, 37-56.



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Gontzal Uriarte


In this article, although they did not find much difference between the different methods, they found that behavioral programs had better results than others.


Wilson, Sandra Jo et al. School-Based Interventions for Aggressive and Disruptive Behavior. 2007. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Volume 33, Issue 2, S130 – S143. doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2007.04.011

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