Schools should encourage ‘Emergent Reading’ from the earliest years of life in both homes and schools

COMMENT: It is common to hear teachers and parents complain about a curriculum of early childhood education (0-5 years) that promotes the teaching of reading. Specifically, the formal teaching [...]

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Single-Sex schooling don’t provide academic benefits compared with coeducational schooling

COMMENT: Proponents of single-sex education believe that separating boys and girls, by classrooms or schools, increases students’ achievement and academic interest. Is this true? EVIDENCE: “In this article, we [...]

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Girls benefit from single-sex physical activity.

COMMENT: There is a widespread thought that the best and most egalitarian education for both sexes is that which occurs in co-educational contexts. However, in the field of physical [...]

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The best interventions against violence are based on socio-emotional learning.

COMMENT: I think that this is false. In recent years we have seen an increase in programs based on socio-emotional learning interventions (SEL) against violent behavior in childhood. While [...]

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Intelligence is a fixed characteristic over time that depends mainly on genetics

  IMAGE: COMMENT: I think this is false. Intelligence is something that varies over time and is highly dependent on the learning-directed interactions that a person participates in a [...]

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‘Bystander intervention’ is one of the keys to successful anti-bullying programs

IMAGE: COMMENT: Not all interventions are effective against bullying. Among the keys to successful interventions is the so-called “bystander intervention” that tries to activate the students who witness bullying [...]

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Learning depends on the different ‘learning styles’ displayed by students

IMAGE: COMMENT: In this link we can read: “Learning styles have more influence on learning than we realize because they represent the internal experiences we have or the way [...]

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Some forms of family engagement in school improves student academic results

IMAGE: COMMENT: Some teachers are reluctant to work side by side with families when considering their participation in the classroom. The science-proven benefits need to be shown to advance [...]

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Expulsions and suspensions for bullies are bad strategy against bullying

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in the Schools? An Evidentiary Review and Recommendations. Beyond the Breakfast Club: Variability in the Effects of Suspensions by School Context [...]

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The punishment is not educational, it is adult insecurity.

IMAGE: COMMENT: I am in favor of a positive discipline in which the adult teaches the child prosocial behaviors and the knowledge of emotions. However, when there is violent [...]

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