Learning depends on the different ‘learning styles’ displayed by students

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Learning depends on the different ‘learning styles’ displayed by students
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In this link we can read:

“Learning styles have more influence on learning than we realize because they represent the internal experiences we have or the way we remember information. Researchers have been interested in this phenomenon, and it is estimated that each learning style uses different parts of the brain.”

Is it true that the theory and practice around learning styles have scientific evidence that lead to improved learning?






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Gontzal Uriarte

Although there is a lot of scientific literature devoted to this topic, there are no studies that validate it. Therefore it could be a hoax.

“Although the literature on learning styles is enormous, very few studies have even used an experimental methodology capable of testing the validity of learning styles applied to education. Moreover, of those that did use an appropriate method, several found results that flatly contradict the popular meshing hypothesis.We conclude therefore, that at present, there is no adequate evidence base to justify incorporating learning-styles assessments into general educational practice.”


Gontzal Uriarte

“The existence of ‘Learning Styles’ is a common ‘neuromyth’, and their use in all forms of education has been thoroughly and repeatedly discredited in the research literature”


Gontzal Uriarte

Rogowsky, B. A., Calhoun, B. M., & Tallal, P. (2015). Matching learning style to instructional method: Effects on comprehension. Journal of Educational Psychology, 107(1), 64–78. https://doi.org/10.1037/a0037478

“Results demonstrated no statistically significant relationship between learning style preference (auditory, visual word) and instructional method (audiobook, e-text) for either immediate or delayed comprehension tests. Taken together, the results of our investigation failed to statistically support the meshing hypothesis either for verbal comprehension aptitude or learning based on mode of instruction (digital audiobook, e-text)”

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Gontzal Uriarte

Learning styles theory fails to explain learning and achievement: Recommendations for alternative approaches.

“First, this article briefly reviews critical problems with learning styles. Three major concepts are discussed: lack of a clear, explanatory framework, problems of measurement, and a failure to link learning styles to achievement. ”


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