Education without social skills is inefficient

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Education without social skills is inefficient


  • Tapia-Gutiérrez, C. P., & Cubo-Delgado, S. (2017). Habilidades sociales relevantes: percepciones de múltiples actores educativos. Magis. Revista Internacional de Investigación en Educación9(19), 133-148.
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According to Del Prette (2001 as quoted in Tapia-Gutiérrez, 2017), the term social skills refers to the existence of different kinds of social behavior in the individual’s repertoire to adequately cope
with the demands of interpersonal situations. Furthermore, social skills are crucial for academic achievement, general well-being, conformity, mental health, and social performance (Carter, Briggs-Gowan, & Davis, 2004 as quoted in Meral, Abide, 2017).

Because of this, when children start elementary school, more social skills are needed for the social and behavioral needs that are necessary for the relationships that will be established with peers
and adults (Meral, Abide, 2017). Emphasizing the importance of equipping children with social skills from the preschool stage has been demonstrated by numerous studies in the relevant literature. In addition to this, we find that the role of teachers is of vital importance for education with social skills to be effective. Pablo Palomero-Fernández (2009) and Miguel Ángel ZabalzaBeraza (2006) point out that the social and emotional competencies of teachers significantly affect teaching performance in the way they teach and in-classroom relation (Tapia-Gutiérrez, 2017).

In short, we go as social skills are crucial in personal development. In addition, we spend much of our time in school, high school, or universities, that is, within the education system. Therefore,
the education system must equip us with social skills at the same time that we are being trained through education. Preparing teachers first so that they can work effectively.


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