Citizens’ voices are key in scientific research with social impact

Scientific Evidence Platform Scientific evidence Citizens’ voices are key in scientific research with social impact
Scientific evidence:
1. Pulido Rodriguez, C. M., Ovseiko, P., Font Palomar, M., Kumpulainen, K., & Ramis, M. (2021). Capturing Emerging Realities in Citizen Engagement in Science in Social Media: A Social Media Analytics Protocol for the Allinteract Study. International Journal of Qualitative Methods20, 16094069211050163.
2. Flecha, R., & Soler, M. (2014). Communicative Methodology: Successful actions and dialogic democracy. Current Sociology. La Sociologie Contemporaine62(2), 232–242.
3. Gómez González, A. (2021). Science With and for Society Through Qualitative Inquiry. Qualitative Inquiry: QI27(1), 10–16.
Previous studies have shown the importance of citizens’ voices in co-creating scientific knowledge (Flecha & Soler, 2014). The more voices, the richer the arguments, and therefore the better the knowledge generated. Moreover,  integrating citizens’ voices during the entire research process also have a transformative impact on society (Gómez González, 2021).  Recently, researchers presented a novel method for Social Media Analytics with the aim to include the diversity and plurality of citizens’ voices and perspectives. This method for SMA includes both top-down strategies and bottom-up strategies and allows researchers to gather the voices of different social actors in social media on the issues which are most relevant to them (Pulido Rodriguez et al., 2021)
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SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Soler-Gallart, M., & Flecha, R. (2022). Researchers’ Perceptions About Methodological Innovations in Research
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