The use of technology and social networks at a young age promotes bad behaviors.

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence The use of technology and social networks at a young age promotes bad behaviors.

Technology has become a necessary resource for a people to function today, and it is that the new generations have been born in a digitized context, but that un not why the knows all the aspects, especially the negative ones that this entails.

The impact of technology has aggravated its use among young people in recent years, even childhood saturation has been reached in most developed countries. This has had a negative impact on the mental health and safety of children and adolescents, and is that 1 in 5 young people suffer cyberbullying, sexting or acquire violent behavior, there is an increase in the suicide of victims of bullying or cyberbullying among young people. The problem is that you don’t have a good digital education compared to the early access you have to technological devices, social networks, etc … And there are many personal and private data of people who surf the net, which are not treated with the wisdom that must have, no one knows who is hiding behind a profile on the internet.The most vulnerable group, children and adolescents, they are attacked with the intention of threatening and intimidating them, because most of the time they are not under the supervision of an adult.

Therefore, we as a society have the obligation and duty to teach the little ones to make goos uso of technology, as well as social networks, so that there are not under the treats of the digital world.


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