There is hidden school segregation in Catalan inclusive schools

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence There is hidden school segregation in Catalan inclusive schools

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School segregation occurs when there is an excessive concentration of the migrating students, or with functional diversity or neurodivergence indirectly “forced” to be educated at a given school. This happens when school demand regulation policies are not effective, for example zoning policies, school cheques or delimitation and size of areas. Thus, it facilitates the departure of middle and upper-class students, i.e. white flight – PWI are produced and predominantly black / hispanic schools are found.
This phenomenon is based on hidden information and communication policies, and from channelling the demand of the centres because it is very unequal in different institutions. Some are opaque and tend to hide information, both to families and to the EMIs. In relation to this, there is some discussion as to whether the origin of the oppression of these minorities is due to socio-economic status, the initial training of families, or due to social origin or ethnicity. To conclude, we think that this statement is true from the sources collected.

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