Belief in Learning Styles Myth May Be Detrimental

Scientific Evidence Platform Scientific evidence Belief in Learning Styles Myth May Be Detrimental




Many people, including educators, believe learning styles are set at birth and predict both academic and career success even though there is no scientific evidence to support this common myth.

Previous research has shown that the learning styles model can undermine education in many ways. Educators spend time and money tailoring lessons to certain learning styles for different students even though all students would benefit from learning through various methods. Students study in ways that match their perceived learning style even though it won’t help them succeed.

Researchers from international leading universities in teaching and learning support this statement.

We also include a debate in this regard, supporting the evidence presented, in the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe.


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Raquel Aguilar

Daily life evidence
In my experience as a primary school teacher I have been able to notice a very positive change when students who usually had a different task from their classmates or other material to do the same, were asked to do the same as the others. To see oneself with the same text, the same activity to do and to be able to share ideas, doubts and challenges with one’s classmates is much more motivating than any manipulative material, screen, etc.

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