Evidence-based educational policies prevent school dropout and increase educational attainment

Scientific Evidence Platform Scientific evidence Evidence-based educational policies prevent school dropout and increase educational attainment




Education policies based on scientific evidence and successful educational actions prevent early school leaving and increase educational attainment. On the contrary, those that do not include them increase it. This increase is even more so in vulnerable groups, which fosters an unequal and less inclusive education system.

In the same vein, when we include scientific evidence, the improvement is sustainable for all groups; it does not last for a few years, and it does not depend on a one-off trend but is long-lasting.

Finally, policies that include scientific evidence reduce not only early school leaving but also recover social groups that until then were outside the education system in a much higher percentage than the rest. These groups are incorporated into education with a view to high expectations of success, which slows down their dropout. Policies without scientific evidence include encouraging segregating practices and programmes, disillusioning them and increasing early dropout.


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