It is important to work on values and feelings from childhood

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence It is important to work on values and feelings from childhood
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As Rouse and Hardley(2018) say the word LOVE is very unusual to be pronounced in the learning process of children during childhood since it is not given the value or importance to its development.

Certainly, there is an advance where education is being introduced in the classroom through families, friendships and the feelings that children create in these areas, thus creating a barrier of strong values to be able to prepare you for the day after facing any situation that life puts you in the way, thus reaching both positive and negative aspects, and thanks to this prepare you both psychologically and physically to adversities that today some adolescents have not been prepared and the relevant help is requested to cope.

It is important to work on this issue since children are very young because it is stimulated from very early to be educated with values such as love, affection and other virtues in the future to know how to carry and cope with life situations which in previous generations we have not been prepared psychologically.



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Considero que no se le da la importancia necesaria al tema de los valores y las emociones. El cómo una persona gestiona sus emociones no es algo que nos enseñen desde pequeños, sino que cada uno aprende a lo largo de su vida y muchas veces no sabemos cómo hacerlo y acabamos necesitando ayuda psicológica. Desde mi punto de vista, aprender desde bien pequeños es la base para tener una salud mental i física en buen estado, ya que si en la infancia te ayudan a llevar tus emociones, en un futuro sabrás como gestionarlas y no se convertirá en un problema mayor. Desde mi experiencia, si en la infancia me hubiesen enseñado a gestionar las emociones y a diferenciarlas, probablemente mi adolescencia habría sido mucho más fácil y llevadera a nivel psicológico y emocional. Ya no solo es importante el hecho de que se enseñe en las escuelas, sino que las familias podrían aportar una enseñanza en casa.

Matilda Moragas

The previous article presents the importance of emotional education from early childhood ages. As it explains, there is an improvement in this subject in comparison to previous generations, however there is still a long way to go and there is a need to involve in schools new methods and practices for children to develop their affective capacities.   

According to the article by Oriol Rios-Gonzalez, Lidia Puigvert, Paquita Sanvicén & Adriana Aubert Simón “Promoting zero violence from early childhood: a case study on the prevention of aggressive behavior in Cappont Nursery”, the attitudes of the most problematic and violent children are due to a lack of attention and affection from the closest people to them.
So, if affection among classmates and teachers, self-knowledge of emotions and projects to deal with these emotions are cultivated in schools, consequently there will be  a more welcoming and familiar working environment in the classroom.

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