Studying influences being a successful person

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Studying or not studying is a controversial issue that has been talked about a lot in recent times. It is believed that in order to be a successful person in business and in the workplace in general, it is necessary to have a degree, a master’s degree, and different courses too.

It is true that more people who have studied succeed than those who have not, but there are people who, without having had good studies, have become some of the most successful in the world. For example, Richard Branson, is one of the most famous successful people without a university degree in the world, his Virgin brand is recognized worldwide. He was born with dyslexia and had low school performance, even so he created a music record company on a London street.

We can give many other examples of elite athletes, such as Cristiano, Messi, Jordan… Since they were little they have had a humble life and they could not get to have good university studies, even so, thanks to their talent for their sports, they conquered the world and became very influential and wealthy people.

In conclusion, I think that the most important thing to be a successful person in your life, is that you have to do what you like and keep working to reach your objectives. But if you want to dedicate yourself to a more scientific field, it is true that knowledge is necessary, therefore you have to have good studies.



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