The use of advanced technologies as a substitute for textbooks creates a greater number of addictions.

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence The use of advanced technologies as a substitute for textbooks creates a greater number of addictions.

We have all heard about the new incorporation of new technologies in the classroom, and with it in the learning methodologies, there are several views to this new idea, on the one hand we find people who believe that tablets as a method of learning create addictions and distractions.

But on the other hand we find scientific studies that show the opposite of the above mentioned, as pointed out by Chen, C. H., Chiu, C. H., Lin, C. P., Chou, Y. C. (2017), through the study conducted from the tablet as a tool for problem solving in elementary school concluded that tablets in learning do not distract students, but had the opposite effect, tablets as a new educational methodology allow students to be more focused and interested in the task they are performing, this idea is joined by Cai, S., Liu, E., Yang, Y., Liang, J. C. (2019), through their study with augmented reality that increases the motivation of students in the activity. Also in the Journal of Education, 2017(379), 170-180, it is shown how new technologies help in creating a more dynamic and entertaining learning, providing other ways of teaching the class to teachers, new technologies help in the classroom climate, and also to improve the transversal and specific competences of the students.

In conclusion, as Selwyn, N. and Aagaard, J. (2020) comment, education through tablets does not encourage addictions, since the aim is to create healthy habits by teaching them how to use them safely and to develop understanding of this new digital world in education.

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