The punishment is not educational, it is adult insecurity.

ADHYAYANA Needs more evidence The punishment is not educational, it is adult insecurity.
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I am in favor of a positive discipline in which the adult teaches the child prosocial behaviors and the knowledge of emotions. However, when there is violent behavior the child must always have a negative consequence and the elimination of all the positive reinforcements that were feeding it.

In this video they are opposed to the use of punishment and are encouraged to use socio-emotional methods only. When “positive discipline” is only against the use of physical punishment and violence in education. Positive discipline accepts the use of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment in addition to other social-emotional skills.


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Gontzal Uriarte

Parental Use of Time Out Revisited: A Useful or Harmful Parenting Strategy?

Time-out is a form of punishment.This research addresses this topic directly. It is concluded that time-out is a valid practice in family environments where there is affection and kindness:

“While the research evidencemost certainly supports the idea that such strategies are useful, and that all parents should be encouraged to use them, the evidence does not support the notion that timeout should not be a recommended strategy. Critics oftenargue against the use of time out based on the assumptionthat the strategy is used in isolation. However, the use oftime out in isolation is not recommended in evidence-based parenting programs, and it needs to be placed within the context of a warm, caring, supportive environment. The research evidence clearly points to the effectiveness of timeout, and there is little empirical support for the notion that time out is damaging.”

Gontzal Uriarte

I think this statement is a hoax as some of the interventions are structured to use punishment as a complement to other behavior modification strategies that have been shown to be effective. When adults use punishment in these interventions, it is not the product of their insecurity, but rather the use of a valid and non-violent strategy to modify behaviors that are harming others.

In this review, researchers compared social-emotional learning and other behavior modification programs. Among the behavior modification strategies, there are two “Good Behavior game” and “Pacebuilders” that use punishment among other behavior modification strategies. In general, all the programs that integrated behavior modification were superior in efficacy to the only socio-emotional interventions.

A Review of Classwide or Universal Social, Emotional, Behavioral Programs for Students in Kindergarten

Gontzal Uriarte

Of course I am aware that punishments should be part of an intervention that uses other strategies and should never be used in its violent or degrading ways. But if as a democratic intervention in which everyone chooses rules and decides negative consequences for the violation of these.

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