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All children exceptionally gifted have more problems to socialize at school

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  • All exceptionally gifted children feel isolated at school. Because they don’t feel underchallenged at their lessons.
  • Normally, the governments don’t spend much money on the inclusion of the exceptionally gifted child on their school stage.
  • Most of the exceptionally gifted children stand with bad behavior from their classmates.
  • Children that have good level of music or sport are more welcomed than the exceptionally gifted child at school
  • All exceptionally gifted chill have lower of self-esteem

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  1. Also, the statement of “All exceptionally gifted children feel isolated at school. Because they don’t feel underchallenged at their lessons” is a generalization, and generalizations are often problematic because they oversimplify complex realities. Certain schools and practices, such as the Successful Educational Actions (SEAs), create an inclusive and supportive environments that caters to the needs of students with Special Educational Needs. In such settings, all children are more likely to feel understood and appreciated, reducing the sense of isolation.

    Here you have some examples of these SEAs that do not only help in providing evidences about how to improve these students’ inclusion and wellbeing, but also their academic success, also in special education settings.


    The statement “All exceptionally gifted children have lower self-esteem” just like the previous statement, this claim oversimplifies the experiences of exceptionally gifted children and ignores the diversity within this group. It is essential to consider that each individual, regardless of their exceptional abilities or disabilities, is unique and can have diverse experiences and emotions. To justify that the statement is not universally true, we need to recognize that self-esteem is a multifaceted construct that can be influenced by various factors, including individual personality traits, experiences, family support, social interactions, and more. Exceptionally gifted children can have varying levels of self-esteem depending on their unique circumstances.

    In the next link you have an article that goes more in depth into this: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08856250903450947

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