Many Negro parents have had little schooling themselves and hence are unable to appreciate its value

ADHYAYANA Under review Many Negro parents have had little schooling themselves and hence are unable to appreciate its value
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Esa es una afirmación de Ausubel en:  (Ausubel, 1968, p. 440).  Ausubel, D. P. (1968). Educational psychology. A cognitive view. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc

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Esther Roca

Este artículo clarifica lo erróneo de esa afirmación tanto desde las evidencias científicas como desde los valores:

Lopez de Anguileta, G. y Gallart, M. (2021). Aprendizaje significativo de Ausubel y segregación educativa. Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research 11, 1-19.

Gontzal Uriarte

En este artículo se explica que desgraciadamente ese discuso es frecuente entre el profesorado que dificultan la promoción social escolar de estas minorias. Al preguntar a los profesores de donde sacaban la conclusión de que los padres de niños negos no tenían interes por la educación, afirmaban no tener evidencias de ello. Incluso
estos discursos racistas se mantenían aún después de conocer la gran implicación en la escuela de algunos de los padres de sus alumnos negros.

Gontzal Uriarte

This review makes it clear that there is much research that proves the interest of minority families in their children’s education and investigates the barriers that schools put to minority family participation.

Gontzal Uriarte

“In individual telephone interviews, 234 low-income African-American, Caucasian, and Latino parents rated the importance of helping their second- and third-grade children in reading, math, and homework and of knowing what their children are learning. Parents reported whether they had taught their child in math and reading and read with their child in the past week. They also answered open-ended questions about the type of help they deemed appropriate. On questionnaires, teachers rated each student’s reading and math skills and noted whether they had given a child’s parent suggestions for helping with either subject. Findings showed that parents rated the importance of helping their child with academic work very high.”

Gontzal Uriarte

“Analyses indicate that culturally and linguistically diverse parents are active in the transition process and, in some instances, their level of reported participation surpassed that of European-American parents. In contrast, professionals described culturally and linguistically diverse parents as less involved than European-American parents in the majority of transition activities.”

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