Dominant music influences adolescent behavior and relationships

Scientific Evidence Platform Under review Dominant music influences adolescent behavior and relationships

Based on the reading of the book “Toxic Education: The Empire of Screens and Dominant Music in Children and Adolescents” by Javier Illescas, I am aroused by the curiosity to investigate the pedagogical toxicity behind dominant and fashionable music. , how this music influences teenagers and their relationships, but especially what impact it has on schools.

Two articles have been found referring to two studies in high schools (which are attached for your consultation) which explain that today, music is used as a social communication tool that serves to convey ideas, ideologies, emotions and feelings. The most popular and fashionable musical styles among teenagers are related to reggaeton, pop, hip-hop and rap, although the frequency of escorts varies depending on each person’s cultural background.

We can also read that young people’s preference for certain styles of urban popular music could be related to lifestyles and patterns of behavior related to aggression, violence, intolerance, rebellion and a negative perception of society where live (Armstrong, 2004).


Musical tastes of secondary school students’ with different cultural backgrounds: A study in the spanish north african city of Melilla.

Teenagers, behavioral problems, and preferences for heavy metal and rap music: A case study of a southern middle school

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