Violent video games promote violence in children

ADHYAYANA Under review Violent video games promote violence in children
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I find different opinions on the internet about the effects of violent video games in childhood. Some say that violent video games it increases violence and others that it decreases it.

Take a look at this link, for example: Thanks.


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Gontzal Uriarte

“This study adds to the existing literature on video games and aggression by showing that increased play of a violent first person shooter video game can significantly increase aggression from baseline.”

Gontzal Uriarte

Adolescent males’ exposure to violent video games predicted changes in aggressive behavior of their best friend 12 months later.

It seems that there are an endless number of articles that point out that violent games generate aggressive behavior in players, especially if they are men.


En l guía de Yale sobre cómo entender a tu hijo, en el capítulo 23, (link superior) se lee:

“Los niños pequeños no distinguen claramente la realidad de la ficción, y se ha comprobado que ver películas o deportes violentos aumenta las tendencias agresivas a largo plazo. “Toda exposición a la violencia se convierte en parte de la visión del mundo que tiene nuestro hijo” (p. 398)”

Gontzal Uriarte

“The use of violent video games and age were linked to higher levels of aggression, coping strategies, and the habitual video game weekly consumption of participants. Our data confirm the role of violent video games as risk factors for problems of aggressive behavior and of externalization in childhood and early adolescence.”

Gontzal Uriarte

“Results showed that violent video games decreased self-control and increased cheating and aggression, especially for people high in moral disengagement.”

Gontzal Uriarte

“Experimental and nonexperimental studies with males and females in laboratory and field settings support this conclusion. Analyses also reveal that exposure to violent video games increases physiological arousal and aggression-related thoughts and feelings. Playing violent video games also decreases prosocial behavior.”

Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior, Aggressive Cognition, Aggressive Affect, Physiological Arousal, and Prosocial Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Scientific Literature.

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