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Wednesday, Mar 01 2023

Teachers’ expectations do not influence educational performance

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Scientific Articles

  • Manzano-Sánchez, D., Gómez-Mármol, A., Conte Marín, L., Jiménez-Parra, J. F., & Valero-Valenzuela, A. (2021). Future academic expectations and their relationship with motivation, satisfaction of psychological needs, responsibility, and school social climate: Gender and educational stage. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health18(9), 4558.
  • Park, J.-H., Lee, IH y Cooc, N. (2019). The Role of School-Level Mechanisms: How Principal Support, Professional Learning Communities, Collective Responsibility, and Group-Level Teacher Expectations Affect Student Achievement. Administración Educativa Trimestral: EAQ , 55 (5), 742–780.×18821355
  • Benner, AD y Mistry, RS (2007). Congruencia de las expectativas educativas de madres y docentes y la competencia académica de jóvenes de escasos recursos. Revista de psicología educativa , 99 (1), 140–153.

Explanation of the Post

What makes it clear to us, especially in the first article, is that all the tools that teachers give to students are very important, since in the present and in the near future they will help them gain more knowledge. All these tools that teachers give us are just as important when we are small and we still don’t understand things as much as when we are older, since the learning process, despite being of a different size, is productive.

Next he also talks to us and I think a very important point is the support from the teachers, the director in the level of motivation they have to be able to transmit the knowledge, the wisdom, and all those aspects useful for the students. It is therefore clear and proven that the degree of involvement of teachers in the educational field is key to our future.



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