The importance of practicing emotional intelligence at school

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence The importance of practicing emotional intelligence at school

My investigation scientific is about the importance to practice the emotional intelligence with child at the school. This is essential because prevents the bullying and aggressions, for example bullying incidents are a growing concern for educators and policy makers because they are seen as manifestations of incompetent socioemotional functioning and help and facility a good academy results because if you have a good sentiment and a good state of minds is more easy that you get better results than if you don’t have this. In other words, improving children’s emotion-related self-beliefs may result in successful adaptation at school and improved peer status. On the other hand, Spirituality is a coping mechanism that is very effective to enhance and maintain emotional resilience in children of school age. Physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual health are important elements for humans to survive. The fulfilment of physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual health is a good way for children to avoid stress. spirituality influences the formation of children’s emotional resilience and is used as a tool to improve children’s mental health. In conclusion, nowadays, in schools the emotional intelligence don’t have much importance and the teachers don’t practice this with child. However, many investigations say and show that this is so very important for people and in concrete with child. In my opinion, is more important than theoretical and academic knowledge. Therefore, from the education, the future teachers and pedagogues have to focus in emotional intelligence, mental and spiritual health and sentiments, namely practice this with more frequency.


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