Roma Women Students’ Gatherings enhance access to higher education

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Roma Women Students’ Gatherings enhance access to higher education

Roma women are leading many processes of change within their families and communities by   using education to challenge gender relations and overcome inequality. The action that grassroots Roma women are taking in their communities by establishing alliances with other women and other actors is framed within a dialogic perspective (Aiello et al., 2019). Roma women are considered the main protagonists of the changes that are taking place among the Roma people, specially through enhancing access to higher education.


  • Aiello, E., Amador-López, J., Munté-Pascual, A., Sordé-Martí, T. (2019). Grassroots Roma Women Organizing for Social Change: A Study of the impact of “Roma Women Student Gatherings”. Sustainability. 11, 4054.
  • Aiello, E.; Khalfaoui, A.; Torrens, X.; Flecha, R. Connecting Roma Communities in COVID-19 Times: The First Roma Women Students’ Gathering Held Online. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19, 5524.
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