Dialogic Feminist Gatherings protect adolescents from gender-based violence in different contexts

Los Encuentros Feministas Dialógicos (DFG) se definen como diálogos igualitarios centrados en transformar el lenguaje del deseo para crear posibilidades para las mujeres que quieren cuestionar los deseos impuestos [...]

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Glamorizing prostitution and traffickers increase sex trafficking

The glamorization of prostitution and traffickers hinders the social rejection of traffickers with devastating consequences regarding the vulnerability of young girls to sex traffickers (Ralph, 2009; Boyle, 2010). On [...]

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Controversy about the correlation between school workload and academic achievement and family.

Given the controversy ober whether students should be given homeworks or tasks at school, various research that addresses related issues shows evidence that there is no correlation between school [...]

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Against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia only evidence-based strategies will succeed in eradicating violence in all its forms

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Coker, A. L., Bush, H. M., Cook-Craig, P. G., DeGue, S. A., Clear, E. R., Brancato, C. J., & Recktenwald, E. A. (2017). RCT testing bystander effectiveness [...]

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Social networks contribute to the prevention of suicide by building solidarity networks

Scientific evidence: 1. Redondo-Sama, G., Morlà-Folch, T., Burgués, A., Amador, J., & Magaraggia, S. (2021). Create solidarity networks: dialogs in Reddit to overcome depression and suicidal ideation among males. International [...]

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It doesn’t matter with whom you hook up, there are no consequences

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: López de Aguileta, A.; Melgar, P.; Torras-Gómez, E.; Gutiérrez-Fernández, N. (2021). The Consequences of Disdainful Hook-Ups for Later Egalitarian Relationships of Girls. International Journal of Environmental Research [...]

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Victoria Kent didn’t defended the right of all women to vote

In the schools and academic forums when talking about universal suffrage in the history of Spain, and specifically about womens’ voting rights Victoria Kent it’s presented as one of [...]

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It’s coercive discourse when someone invites you for drinks and then pretends to have sex with you

Many girls/women have experienced this, when you are in a bar and a boy/man constantly invites you for drinks, and then asks you if you want to kiss, go [...]

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Bathrooms were separated by sex to prevent sexual assaults

COMMENT: It has been argued that the separation of bathrooms is a sexist, paternalistic or elite imitation issue. However, this scientific article shows historical evidence about the real reasons [...]

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Dialogue can transform the memory of violent sexual-affective relationships

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Racionero-Plaza, S., Ugalde, L., Vidu, A., Melgar, P., & Navarrete, N. (2020). The Impact of Radical Love on Human Memory. Qualitative Inquiry, 26(8-9), 1026-1032. doi: 10.1177/1077800420938884 Racionero, [...]

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