“Anais Nin’s tales are not feminist, they link sexual excitement with violence”

If we start from the fact that we can be socialised into gender violence through different means (Valls, Puigvert & Duque, 2008) such as, for instance, thorugh the tales, [...]

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Women do not feel sexual pleasure with men who disdain or humiliate them, even if they say they do

Research has found a coercive dominant discourse (i.e.Puigvert et al., 2019; Racionero et al., 2018) that imposes the link between attraction and violence, pressuring many women to see violent [...]

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Love tales do not create violence

Children, teenagers and youth daily receive many messages linking sexual relationships to violence. There are also a few messages linking affective and sexual relationships to no-violence and to love. [...]

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Gender equality plans accelerate progress towards gender equality in research

Analysis of Athena SWAN gender equality plans suggests positive impact of linking Horizon Europe to gender equality plans http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/bmj.m3975?ijkey=puv8BSO/1KmDc&keytype=ref&siteid=bmjjournals 1 [...]

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In any fight against male violence there are men and women in favor of the harasser and women and men in favor of the victim

Is there evidence about this? 1 [...]

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Aggressors who exercise violence are impopular

It is a common conception that violent aggressors are usually anxious and insecure people that make use of the school harassment or bullying in order to compensate for their [...]

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Sexual freedom does not depend on whether the couple is stable or sporadic, but on whether being in it was freely chosen, without coercion

Sexual freedom does not depend on whether the couple is stable or sporadic, but on whether being in it was freely chosen, without coercion. This evidence could be found [...]

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In sporadic relationships there is more freedom than in stable ones

This is a hoax. There are studies that evidence the presence of a coercive dominant discourse that links sexual attraction to domination, imposition, and violence. For example, according to the [...]

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If someone has more hooking-up experience, he or she is more of a sex expert

This statement is a hoax. There is scientific evidence pointing that sexual expertise and pleasure are not related to the technique but to egalitarian beliefs and feelings. In this [...]

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