Men can’t perform child care tasks

Scientific evidence platform Hoax Men can’t perform child care tasks





t is believed that certain jobs are best done by women, or even that men cannot do them at all, such as being kindergarten educators, because their nature is not ready to carry them out.

Scientific evidence found regarding this issue follows the opposite direction, that is, there is no brain difference between men and women which would qualify one gender to carry out certain tasks. 

Do you know more evidence in each direction?

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Marta Font

The statement “Men can’t perform child care tasks” is a hoax.
There is no scientific evidence proving that it is not in men’s nature to perform childcare tasks. On the contrary, Brody (2015) carried out a study in which male Early Childhood Education and Care workers report “feelings of satisfaction and pleasure in their work”. The study also pointed that their resilience “to outside criticism and pressure is bolstered by their single-minded commitment to do their job well. The strong masculine component of their professional identity may contribute to this resilience and its salubrious outcome. Their comfort with themselves as men bolsters their professional commitment.” (Brody, 2015; p.359)
In addition, Thorpe et al. (2018) showed the impacts of including men into Early Childhood Education and Care workforce. Therefore, “The recruitment of male educators therefore not only presents the potential to increase the workforce pool, but also contributes to diversity and thereby, has the potential to influence the quality of work and workplace” (p. 7). Specifically, they reported improvements in the relationships with families and the inclusion of diverse voices to the center that contribute to providing new ideas and perspectives.
In this line, several studies have shown the positive impacts in children’s development of the participation of men in childcare, such as an improvement of children’s social, emotional and cognitive outcomes or higher levels of children’s emotion regulation.(Amodia-Bidakowska, et al., 2020; Downer & Mendez, 2005).

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