Wednesday, Mar 01 2023

“Crying will make men more egalitarian”

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I have heard this sentence by different citizens and some people who make a living out of giving speeches. However, I have known many men who are very dominant and sometimes cry in certain contexts. In fact, it is popularly known that some violent men, after perpetrating gender violence to their female partners, get on their knees and cry for forgiveness because “they did not know what they were doing and it would never happen again”. But, moreover, I know many egalitarian men who I have never seen cry, but who take a clear and coherent stand against any form of violence. Besides, there are non-violent men who cry but do not have the courage to stand up to violence, and therefore are not egalitarian.

If this statement has no evidence, it should be considered a hoax, because otherwise people pass it on as truth.

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