Friday, Mar 24 2023

The wage gap between men and women is abysmal.

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Of the hundred highest paid athletes in the world there is only one woman who appears on that list and  that is Serena Williams.

According to Forbes magazine, the highest paid athlete in 2017 was Cristiano Ronaldo who pocketed 93 million dollars while the tennis player Serena Williams who  occupies  the  position 51 pocketed a total of 27 million dollars . An example that shows a big difference and reflects inequality is in tennis. The Romanian Simona Halep, who ended 2017 as number one in the world ranking, accumulated prizes for 5.27 million dollars in that year. Some football teams have joined the cause of equal salaries. An example is the soccer team that both men and women charging the same for the same performance and the same sacrifice. Although previously the percentages of men and women in sport were very differentiated, this statistic is becoming more equal the difference in salaries would have to be equalized in favor of women since they are not considered correctly.

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