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Institutional violence against women is yet another form of violence

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Sexist violence is not only physical and psychological violence, it is also the non-recognition of rights.

Sometimes justice and the administrations are the causes of this violence, that is why a review of our protocols and ways of acting must be carried out. So that we can detect and solve these situations efficiently and fairly for all, regardless of gender.

States should be encouraged to generate public policies and laws with a feminist perspective so that women can demand and understand their rights.

In areas such as employment, sexual and reproductive rights, health and even education, there are sexist behaviors. These are just some of the multiple scenarios where women are treated unequally or with inferiority.

The act of creating policies and protocols with a feminist perspective will provide women not only with more security, but also with more opportunities to know when their rights are being violated.

Developing and creating programs and mechanisms to detect institutional violence can help women of all ages to recognize their position and demand their rights and equal justice.

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