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Tuesday, Apr 11 2023

Lesbians are virgins for life

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To begin with, it is important to know what we mean by virginity and the link it has with sexual relations between women. To this end, and to demonstrate that the term virginity is not associated with the act of having sexual relations between a man and a woman, we provide scientific evidence to the contrary and affirm this fact.

Sexuality has been understood as the sexual activity between two people, especially between a man and a woman, between the male and the female member. Furthermore, the aforementioned term has been associated, on the one hand, with religious ideas and moral conservatism and, on the other hand, with the transition to a phase of adulthood, in which the loss of virginity is perceived as a rite of initiation and transition to adulthood. Because of all these previous appeals, the term sexuality has been primarily a heterosexual concept.

The different studies on virginity have not included the LGTBI+ collective, therefore, it has not been possible to take into account the opinion of these people, regarding such an important topic as sexual relations and how they perceive virginity (Averett, P, et al, 2014). Several researches have been found on how some of the lesbians perceive virginity and we highlight different opinions appeared in the article by Anqi Ho and Tick Ngee (2014) such as that “all participants unanimously agreed that penile-vaginal intercourse would make someone not a virgin. However, a small number of lesbian participants stated that they did not endorse the medical definition of virginity (which is having an intact hymen), because the hymen can be torn from nonsexual activities.”

Another opinion cited in the same article was that “some lesbian participants also suggested that asking for a definition of virginity, let alone qualifying its importance, was a step in the wrong direction, since the concept of virginity was born out of a patriarchal society to which not everyone subscribes.” So, we agree with both this opinion and the discussion in the scientific article that virginity is a heterosexual social construct that has become associated with having sex between a man and a woman, leaving aside the LGTBI+ collective and their opinion on how they see and feel this aspect, as they may not perceive it in the same way.

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