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The gender inequality is increasing after pandemics

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Scientific Articles

  • Brzezinski M. (2021). The impact of past pandemics on economic and gender inequalities. Economics and human biology43, 101039.
  • Ruiz-Larrea Lucía, Á. (2022). COVID-19 y desigualdad de género en España: consecuencias de la pandemia para las mujeres en empleo y salud mental, en Revista de Investigaciones Feministas, 13(1), pp. 39-51.

Explanation of the Post

The pandemic has significantly affected our society, our style of study, work, and life, and has accelerated the Non-contact Relationship mechanism… Some consequences are positive: The importance of the Health branch has grown… Some are negative: Inequalities have increased. Here are the evidences on the negative effects that the pandemic produces on gender inequality

Other sources

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  1. I have searched for scientific articles talking about the subject. I do detail in labor terms:

    The effect of the pandemic on women’s employment is evident after two years of pandemic, it has significantly affected the level of employment and increased the risk of women at work, inequalities have deepened and the recovery period will be longer than for men.

    The article is the following:

    On the other hand, I have also found an article that talks about a study carried out in Bangladesh:

    Systems thinking on the gendered impacts of COVID-19 in Bangladesh: A systematic review

  2. After searching various articles to contrast the statement, I have found a large number of articles that support the statement.

    I attach three of them:

    These three articles explain that women with children have been mostly affected by their employment contracts after the pandemic, in addition statistically, women at work have been more affected and that the aggressiveness of men during confinement increased which caused more gender violence.

    Therefore, after verifying the information presented above, I can say that the information is correct.

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