The gender inequality is increasing after pandemics

Scientific evidence platform Needs more evidence The gender inequality is increasing after pandemics


  • Brzezinski M. (2021). The impact of past pandemics on economic and gender inequalities. Economics and human biology, 43, 101039.
  • Ruiz-Larrea Lucía, Á. (2022). COVID-19 y desigualdad de género en España: consecuencias de la pandemia para las mujeres en empleo y salud mental, en Revista de Investigaciones Feministas, 13(1), pp. 39-51.



The pandemic has significantly affected our society, our style of study, work, and life, and has accelerated the Non-contact Relationship mechanism… Some consequences are positive: The importance of the Health branch has grown… Some are negative: Inequalities have increased. Here are the evidences on the negative effects that the pandemic produces on gender inequality


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