Love tales do not create violence

Children, teenagers and youth daily receive many messages linking sexual relationships to violence. There are also a few messages linking affective and sexual relationships to no-violence and to love. [...]

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Creative sexualities are those that are not heterosexual relationships

Is this a hoax? [...]

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Legislating sexual consent need to consider communicative acts to contribute overcoming GBV

There is wide debate on how free consent in sexual engagements needs to be addressed and legislated in order to contribute to overcome GBV and contribute to create free [...]

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COVID-19 has changed choices of hook-ups

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only an incidence on people’s health but also on the way we relate to each other and choose people to have a relationship. This study [...]

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Dialogic Feminist Gatherings have an impact on reduction and prevention of Gender-Based Violence among adolescent girls.

The dialogues and reflections of the girls (aged 15 to 18) in Out-of-Home Care after participating in the Dialogic Feminist Gatherings show an increase in the competences related to [...]

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Participating in Dialogic Gatherings contributes to acquiring or reinforcing attitudes of New Alternative Masculinities

There exist affirmations that strengthen the idea that participating in dialogic gatherings contributes to acquiring or reinforcing such attitudes attributed to the NAM (New Alternative Masculinities) and that, therefore, [...]

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Men talk about women as prey

There is a general belief that mens’ groups, when they meet, basically talk about women as preys to hunt or as objectives to achieve. I value this statement as [...]

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Passion in a relationship had an expiration date

Some press articles cite research which say that passion in a relationship had an expiration date I think these statements are a hoax due to the following arguments: [...]

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I have heard that “all men are or will be whore hounds”

I have heard that “all men are or will be whore hounds” at some time of their lives, but I believe it is a hoax because I have neer [...]

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