Victoria Kent didn’t defended the right of all women to vote

In the schools and academic forums when talking about universal suffrage in the history of Spain, and specifically about womens’ voting rights Victoria Kent it’s presented as one of [...]

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It’s coercive discourse when someone invites you for drinks and then pretends to have sex with you

Many girls/women have experienced this, when you are in a bar and a boy/man constantly invites you for drinks, and then asks you if you want to kiss, go [...]

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Bathrooms were separated by sex to prevent sexual assaults

COMMENT: It has been argued that the separation of bathrooms is a sexist, paternalistic or elite imitation issue. However, this scientific article shows historical evidence about the real reasons [...]

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Prevent the gender violence in spanish schools

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Oliver, E., Soler, M., & Flecha, R. (2009). Opening schools to all (women): efforts to overcome gender violence in Spain. British journal of sociology of education, 30, [...]

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Non-consensual sexual relations in couples and compulsory porn in couples

COMMENT: Social networks and technologies have changed the way we look at life, they have made us discover many efficient resources that help us to disseminate information immediately and [...]

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The women’s right to vote

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Ramirez, F. O., Soyal, Y., & Shanahan, S. (1997). The changing logic of political citizenship: Cross-national acquisition of women’s suffrage rights. American Sociological Review, 62(5), 735–745. IMAGE: [...]

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Gender is violence.

COMMENT: There are feminists who talk about the abolition of gender. They have this goal since they argue that gender is violence. Does this scientific validity have this affirmation? [...] 2 comments

Labelling a sexist action as violence against women undermines the fight against violence against women

COMMENT: Violence against women is defined by the United Nations in the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. (A/RES/48/104) as: “Article 2.- Violence against women shall be [...]

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Gender equality is a Western creation that has permeated other cultures

COMMENT: Amartya Sen, Nobel Economy prize laureate and now “Princesa de Asturias” laureate in Social Sciences, argues in his book “The Argumentative Indian” that such statement emerges from Western [...]

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Women’s Health Month and effects of female presence in science

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: May is International #WomensHealthMonth and I can’t help but wonder how much progress remains to be made in this regard. For too long the [...]

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