Patriarchy, discrimination and violence against women have existed since the creation of humanity

Patriarchy is a form of domination that supposes the subjugation, exploitation and alienation of women by men. (Escoriza 2002). History has been created by and for men, positioning them [...]

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Workers have preference for a male boss

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Artz, B., & Taengnoi, S. (2016). Do women prefer female bosses?. Labour Economics, 42, 194-202. Powell, G. N., & Butterfield, D. A. (2015). The preference to work for [...]

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Aggressors who exercise violence are impopular

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: It is a common conception that violent aggressors are usually anxious and insecure people that make use of the school harassment or bullying in [...]

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Those who have sex with more people have more sexual freedom

IMAGE: COMMENT: Is this a hoax? Error happened. [...]

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Do men who carry out housework never exercise violence?

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Connell, R. (2012). Masculinity research and global change. Masculinities & Social Change, 1(1), 4-18. dOI: Simister, J. (2013). Is Men’s Share of Housework Reduced by ‘Gender Deviance Neutralization’? [...]

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Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: See the following literature (and add more to it!) Cho, Seo-Young, Dreher, Axel, & Neumayer, Eric. (2013). Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking? World Development, 41, 67-82. Huisman, [...]

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