Parental Alienation Syndrome is a concept scientifically validated

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Meier, J. S. (2020). US child custody outcomes in cases involving parental alienation and abuse allegations: what do the data show?. Journal of social welfare and family [...]

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Reading classic books encourages gender-based violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Garazi López de Aguileta, Elisabeth Torras-Gómez, Rocío García-Carrión & Ramon Flecha (2020) The emergence of the language of desire toward nonviolent relationships during the dialogic literary gatherings, Language and Education, 34:6, 583-598, DOI: 10.1080/09500782.2020.1801715 [...]

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In sporadic relationships there is more freedom than in stable ones

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Puigvert, L., Gelsthorpe, L., Soler-Gallart, M., & Flecha, R. (2019). Girls’ perceptions of boys with violent attitudes and behaviours, and of sexual attraction. Palgrave Communications, 5(1), 1-12. [...]

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If someone has more hooking-up experience, he or she is more of a sex expert

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Armstrong, E. A., England, P., & Fogarty, A. C. (2012). Accounting for women’s orgasm and sexual enjoyment in college hookups and relationships. American Sociological Review, 77(3), 435-462. [...]

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Stable relationships oppress women’s freedom

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All men are potential gender aggressors

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Joanpere-Foraster, M. & Morlà, T. (2019). New Alternative Masculinities, the struggle within and for the feminism in Higher Education. Masculinities and Social Change, 8(1), 44-65. Scopus [...]

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The patriarchy will not disappear until all men kiss other phalluses

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Mary Wollstonecraft wrote the precursor book on women’s right

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Ansart, G. (2009). Condorcet, social mathematics, and women’s rights. Eighteenth-Century Studies, 347-362. (SCOPUS Q2 2009; Q2 2019) Frick, M. L. (2020). Revolution and human rights thought [...]

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Sexism and stereotypes are one of the main causes of gender-based violence

IMAGE: COMMENT: In education, most coeducation programmes are not based on evidence, but on the widespread belief that overcoming gender stereotypes and roles is sufficient to end and overcome [...]

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Women created feminism

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Schmitter, A.M. (2018). Cartesian prejudice: Gender, education and authority in Poulain de la Barre. Philosophy Compass, 13(12). (SCOPUS Q1 in 2018; Q1 in 2019). Carpenter, D., [...]

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