In sporadic relationships there is more freedom than in stable ones

This is a hoax.
There are studies that evidence the presence of a coercive dominant discourse that links sexual attraction to domination, imposition, and violence.

For example, according to the study of Puigvert, Gelsthorpe, Soler-Gallart & Flecha (2019) “boys with violent behaviours and attitudes, because of the dominant discourse that fosters attraction towards violence, are more coercively preferred for hook-ups than for stable relationships.” In the same line, another study pointed the direct or indirect pressure that girls recieve “to hook up with the bad boys”, linking pleasure to elements of the coercive dominant discourse. On the other hand, the narratives of participants, who do not give up the pleasure of falling in love “challenge the idea of the downside of long-term relationships having worse outcomes for women than hooking up, as all participants in romantic relationships (love-based) reported high satisfaction with their relationships. Indeed, these findings support the idea that the positive or negative outcomes of a relationship are not in its duration, but in the partner of choice.” (Torras-Gómez, Puigvert, Aiello & Khalfaoui, 2019).

Other studies suggest that violence is usually normalized in sporadic relations and hook up culture (Sinko, Munro-Kramer, Conley & Saint-Arnault, 2020), which are positively associated with alcohol use (Claxton, DeLuca, & van Dulmen, 2015).

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