Children’s toys have gender stereotypes

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Davis, J.T.M., Hines, M. How Large Are Gender Differences in Toy Preferences? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Toy Preference Research. Arch Sex Behav 49, 373–394 (2020). Liu, Liquan. [...]

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Confinement has led to an increase in cases of mistreatment and violence.

  MARITAL SATISFACTION AND RISK OF VIOLENCE IN COUPLES DURING THE COVID-19 QUARANTINE IN BOLIVIA Aponte, C., Araoz, R., Medrano, P., Ponce, F., Taboada, R., Velásquez, C., & Pinto, [...]

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BDSM is not a practice to normalize sexual harassment

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Full article: Sexual diversity on college campuses: using a BDSM framework to discuss consent by Eastman-Mueller, Heather. MAR 2021  La question du consentement sexuel : entre liberté [...]

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Yes isn’t enough to give consent

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Flecha, R., Tomás, G., & Vidu, A. (2020). Contributions from psychology to effective use and achievement of sexual consents. Frontiers in Psychology. https://10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00092 Flecha, R., & Soler, [...]

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Saying that the way girls dress leads to harassment encourages tolerance of sexual harassment

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Fernandez, J., & Nor, A. (2019). Enough of This Nonsense! Rape Is Rape: A Malaysian Perspective. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Gramazio, S., Cadinu, M., Pagliaro, S., [...]

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Anyone can become a victim of sex trafficking, no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, class, studies or culture

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: D’Arcy, K. and Brodie, I (2015) ‘Roma Children and Young People in Bulgaria: Patterns of Risk and Effective Protection in Relation to Child Sexual Exploitation’, Social Inclusion, 3(4), 1-9, [...]

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Physical attractiveness influences the interpretation of harassment

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Agthe, M., Spörrle, M., & Maner, J. K. (2011). Does being attractive always help? Positive and negative effects of attractiveness on social decision making. Personality and Social [...]

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Colours have no gender

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Karniol, R. (2011). The color of children’s gender stereotypes. Sex roles, 65(1), 119-132. Pomerleau, A., Bolduc, D., Malcuit, G., & Cossette, L. (1990). Pink or blue: Environmental [...]

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Gender-based violence shouldn’t be gone through alone or in silence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Barrett, B. J., Peirone, A., & Cheung, C. H. (2020). Help seeking experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence in Canada: The role of gender, violence severity, [...]

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Obsession with a man is submission to coercive discourse

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE: Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E., Padrós, M., & Roldán, S. M. (2021). “Your Friends Do Matter”: Peer Group Talk in Adolescence and Gender Violence Victimization. Children, 8(2), 65.  Bélanger, J. [...]

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