Anyone can become a victim of sex trafficking, no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, class, studies or culture

In recent years, research has shown that sex trafficking victims are not only immigrants or women in poverty. Trafficking victims have been identified in all continents, also in European [...]

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Physical attractiveness influences the interpretation of harassment

References: Agthe, M., Spörrle, M., & Maner, J. K. (2011). Does being attractive always help? Positive and negative effects of attractiveness on social decision making. Personality and Social Psychology [...]

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Gender-based violence shouldn’t be go through alone or in silence

REFERENCES: Barrett, B. J., Peirone, A., & Cheung, C. H. (2020). Help seeking experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence in Canada: The role of gender, violence severity, and [...]

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Infidelity increases the risk of health consequences

References: Cortés Camacho, M. (2018). L’engany en les relacions de parella entre joves i adolescents¿ Escollir ser lliures o renunciar a la llibertat? (Doctoral dissertation, Universitat de Barcelona). Guthrie, J., & [...]

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Roma women lead change of the Roma community through education

There is evidence about the effective role of Roma women in promoting and leading change in the Roma community through education. The overcoming of stereotypes about Roma women underlines [...]

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The first sexual-affective experiences have the strongest influence on gender-based violence in the future

The first sexual-affective experiences people have the greatest influence in future relationships. These experiences include a first kiss, the first boy/girlfriend as children, a hook-up …everything has an impact, [...]

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Some domestic workers are contributing to feminism, working for equality and against gender-based violence

Today is International Domestic Workers’ day. According to the statistics presented on several reports by the International Labour Organization, domestic workers in all around the world are mostly women [...]

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Anais Nin’s tales are not feminist, they link sexual excitement with violence

If we start from the fact that we can be socialised into gender violence through different means (Valls, Puigvert & Duque, 2008) such as, for instance, thorugh the tales, [...]

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Women do not feel pleasure with men who despise and humiliate us, even though they say we do and the coercive discourse pressures us to remember those relationships as exciting

Research has found a coercive dominant discourse (i.e.Puigvert et al., 2019; Racionero et al., 2018) that imposes the link between attraction and violence, pressuring many women to see violent [...]

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Gender equality plans accelerate progress towards gender equality in research

Analysis of Athena SWAN gender equality plans suggests positive impact of linking Horizon Europe to gender equality plans Error happened. [...]

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