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Thursday, Jun 23 2022

Glamorizing prostitution and traffickers increase sex trafficking

Original posted by Guiomar Merodio

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Scientific Articles

  • Boyle, K. (2010). Selling the selling of sex: Secret diary of a call girl on screen (part of commentary and criticism: Representations of sex workers). Feminist Media Studies, 10(1), 113–116.
  • Dalla, R. (2000). Exposing the “pretty woman” myth: A qualitative examination of the lives of female streetwalking prostitutes. Journal of Sex Research, 37(4), 344–353.
  • Merodio, G., Duque, E., & Peña, J. C. (2020). They Are Not Romeo Pimps, They Are Traffickers: Overcoming the Socially Dominant Discourse to Prevent the Sex Trafficking of Youth. Qualitative Inquiry, 26(8-9), 1010-1018. 

Explanation of the Post

The glamorization of prostitution and traffickers hinders the social rejection of traffickers with devastating consequences regarding the vulnerability of young girls to sex traffickers (Ralph, 2009; Boyle, 2010). On the contrary, critically questioning the socially dominant discourse that glamorizes prostitution and traffickers contributes to preventing sexual exploitation (Merodio, Duque, Peña, 2020).

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