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Not feeling attractive enough can lead to normalizing disdainful hookups

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Scientific Articles

  • López de Aguileta, A., Torras-Gómez, E., Rios, O. & Racionero, S. (2022). Who Promoted the Nightlife of Flirts? Freedom  or Capitalist Bussiness?. Social and Education History, 11(3), 275-294.
  • Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E., Padrós, M., & Molina Roldán, S. (2021). “Your Friends Do Matter”: Peer Group Talk in Adolescence and Gender Violence Victimization. Children8(2), 65.
  • Sabri, B., & Granger, D. A. (2018). Gender-based violence and trauma in marginalized populations of women: Role of biological embedding and toxic stress. Health care for women international39(9), 1038-1055.

Explanation of the Post

Study shows that in nightlife some men and women who do not feel attractive enough choose disdainful hookups, thinking that disdainful hookups can make them look attractive (López de Aguileta et al., 2022). However, research has shown that girls having disdainful hookups in nightlife lower their attractiveness (Racionero-Plaza et  al.,  2021).  Moreover, those disdainful hookups negatively influence their physical and psychological health (Sabri & Granger, 2018).

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