Sexism and stereotypes are one of the main causes of gender-based violence

Scientific evidence platform Needs more evidence Sexism and stereotypes are one of the main causes of gender-based violence
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In education, most coeducation programmes are not based on evidence, but on the widespread belief that overcoming gender stereotypes and roles is sufficient to end and overcome gender-based violence.


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[…] today’s society, words such as “compliments”, “micro-sexism / soft sexism” or “micro-aggressions” are used to signal that it is gender-based […]


Kerman, K. T. & Ozturk, F. O. (2022). An examination of gender stereotypes, ambivalent sexism, and dating violence as potential predictors of nursing students’ beliefs about intimate partner violence: A cross-sectional correlational study. Nurse Education in Practice, 62.

Berke, D. S. & Zeichner, A. (2016). Testing a dual process model of gender-based violence: A laboratory examination. Violence and Victims, 31(2), 200-214. 10.1891/0886-6708.VV-D-14-00060

Gender-based violence is often influenced by stereotypes and prejudice held by men. The general belief that women are “less than” or are inherently unequal, opens the gateway for men to view women with violent attitudes. Both studies referenced above discuss how stereotypes and sexist beliefs are predictors of violent attitudes.


This article explores the impact gender stereotypes on intimate partner violence and sexual violence. “An overarching theme of these papers is how gender stereotypes may influence incorrect beliefs in how we view and approach interventions to these two types of violence.” the description says for the article. With this, I do think sexism and stereotypes are one of the main causes of gender-based violence because they alter societies view on relationships.

Bates, E., Klement, K.R., Kaye, L.K. et al. The Impact of Gendered Stereotypes on Perceptions of Violence: A Commentary. Sex Roles 81, 34–43 (2019).

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