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In any fight against male violence there are men and women in favor of the harasser and women and men in favor of the victim

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Scientific Articles

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  • Joanpere-Foraster, M. & Morlà, T. (2019). New Alternative Masculinities, the Struggle within and for the Feminism in Higher Education. Masculinities and Social Change, 8(1), 44-65.

Explanation of the Post

In many situations, scientific evidence has shown that women victims of gender-based violence have become survivors and have been able to overcome the situation thanks to the support given by both women and men (Joanpere-Foraster & Morà, 2019). Scientific research has evidenced the negative impacts many men have suffered because of positioning themselves with the victim and against the aggressor (Flecha, 2021; Nazareno et al., 2022). In fact, supporters of gender-based violence victims have suffered negative consequences (isolating gender violence) violence by both male and female colleagues (Flecha, R). New alternative masculinities are linked with the overcoming of gender-based violence (Flecha et al., 2013; Portell & Pulido, 2012).

Other sources

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