“If latent factor means are to be meaningfully compared, the measurement structures of the latent factor and their survey items should be stable, that is “invariant.”

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES Adolf, J., Schuurman, N. K., Borkenau, P., Borsboom, D., & Dolan, C. V. (2014). Measurement invariance within and between individuals: A distinct problem in testing the equivalence [...]

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Colours have no gender

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Karniol, R. (2011). The color of children’s gender stereotypes. Sex roles, 65(1), 119-132. Pomerleau, A., Bolduc, D., Malcuit, G., & Cossette, L. (1990). Pink or blue: Environmental [...]

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Gender equality is a Western creation that has permeated other cultures

COMMENT: Amartya Sen, Nobel Economy prize laureate and now “Princesa de Asturias” laureate in Social Sciences, argues in his book “The Argumentative Indian” that such statement emerges from Western [...]

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Love tales do not create violence

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE: López de Aguileta, G., Torras-Gómez, E., García-Carrión, R., & Flecha, R. (2020). The emergence of the language of desire toward nonviolent relationships during the dialogic literary gatherings. Language [...]

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Gender equality plans accelerate progress towards gender equality in research

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/bmj.m3975?ijkey=puv8BSO/1KmDc&keytype=ref&siteid=bmjjournals IDEAS: COMMENT: Analysis of Athena SWAN gender equality plans suggests positive impact of linking Horizon Europe to gender equality plans Error happened. [...]

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Sappho POST template

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Flecha, R. (2021). Second-Order Sexual Harassment: Violence Against the Silence Breakers Who Support the Victims. Violence against women, 27(11). 1980-1999. https://doi.org/10.1177/1077801220975495 Nazareno, E., Vidu, A., Merodio, G. [...]

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Sexual freedom does not depend on whether the couple is stable or sporadic, but on whether being in it was freely chosen, without coercion

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE: Flecha, R., Tomás, G., & Vidu, A. (2020). Contributions from psychology to effectively use, and achieving sexual consent. Frontiers in psychology, 11. IMAGE: COMMENT: Sexual freedom does not depend [...]

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Sexual freedom does not depend on the choice or choices made (heterosexual, LGBTI…), but on whether or not that choice or choices are made freely, without coercion.

IMAGE: COMMENT: Is there evidence about this? Error happened. [...]

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Stable relationships oppress women’s freedom

IMAGE: COMMENT: Is this a hoax? Error happened. [...]

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Those who have sex with more people have more sexual freedom

IMAGE: COMMENT: Is this a hoax? Error happened. [...]

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