Stable relationships oppress women’s freedom

Scientific evidence platform Needs more evidence Stable relationships oppress women’s freedom
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  • Ruiz-Eugenio, L., Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E., & Puigvert, L. (2020). Female university students’ preferences for different types of sexual relationships: implications for gender-based violence prevention programs and policies. BMC women’s health20(1), 266.



Is this a hoax?


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Mar Joanpere

The following paper evidence: ” The findings can help eliminate the stereotype largely adopted by some intervention and prevention programs which assume that gender-based violence occurs mainly in stable relationships, considering that falling in love is the reason that lead women to suffer from violence. Our results can also support health professionals and others serving young women to enhance their identification of gender violence victimization, as well as our findings point to the need to include the evidence of gender violence in sporadic relationships in prevention programs and campaigns addressed to young women.”
Reference: Ruiz-Eugenio, L., Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E., & Puigvert, L. (2020). Female university students’ preferences for different types of sexual relationships: implications for gender-based violence prevention programs and policies. BMC women’s health20(1), 266.


When we talk about stable relationships, it is directly attributed to a thought of emotional peace providing benefits such as reducing stress and improving sleep; On the contrary, if we speak of gender violence as a contrary concept ” to which we mainly speak, we can define it as any act that results or may result in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to a woman, including threats of such acts, coercion or Arbitrary deprivation of liberty in public or private life, as stated by Nazaret E. and Dresch JF in your article.
Individual and cultural factors act in the commission and maintenance of the cycle of violence against women in conjugal relationships. Financial and emotional dependency, fear, guilt, skepticism regarding the implementation of effective protection measures, gender differences and inequality are some of these factors (Soares, Silva, Medeiros, Dias, & Moura, 2013).
This shows the seriousness that violence against women supposes in our society, thus demonstrating that in a stable relationship these things should not happen. The conceptualization favors the perpetuation of roles and stereotypes about love and gender in romantic relationships, which often translates into a “male” view of love related to sex and hormones, and a “female” concerned with romance, affection and feeling (Araüna, Tortajada, & Willem, 2018; Lutz, 1996), therefore, a stable relationship should not be confused with one that follows stereotypes of romantic and sexist roles, thus causing female inequality.


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