Foucault defended the decriminalization of pedophilia and rape

Scientific evidence platform Scientific evidence Foucault defended the decriminalization of pedophilia and rape
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There are scientific articles proving Foucault defense of decriminalization of pedophilia and rape.
According to Zizek (2018) in 1968, “the French “progressive” press published a series of petitions demanding the decriminalization of pedophilia, claiming that this would abolish the artificial and oppressive culturally constructed frontier that separates children from adults, and would extend to children the right to freely dispose with one’s body” (p.127). Among the people who signed these petitions, there were Michel Foucault, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre or Jacques Derrida.
In addition, in 1977 “he contemplated the idea that rapists should be punished only for a crime of violence, and not for a sex crime” (Taylor, 2009, p.1) and he added that sexuality can not be the object of punishment under any circumstances (Cahill, 2000)


  • Bell, V. (1991). Beyond the thorny question – feminism, foucault and the desexualisation of rape. International Journal of the Sociology of Law, 19(1), 83-100

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Gisela Redondo-Sama

In my teaching classes at the University, I have introduced this evidence and it is common that the students don’t have this information. I consider crucial to provide the details about the position of Foucault in this domain, which is totally contrary to women´s freedom.


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Está comprobado que Foucault ha hecho declaraciones minimizando la violación como una violencia como otra cualquiera y que ha apoyado la despenalización del sexo entre mayores y menores de edad si es consentido. La crítica que hacemos es sobre estos artículos ya que no hacen referencias precisas a Foucault en “Promoting admiración of Foucault hiding his defensa of rape and pederasty” (2022) sólo se hace referencia a un libro de éste. También se afirma que los que enseñan a este autor promueven sus pensamientos . Esto implica desvalorización todo el aporte a las ciencias sociales . Sin embargo, en ” Foucault feminism and sex crimes “(2009) contextualiza a Foucault. En el último artículo en donde se afirma que las violaciones son un tipo de agresión en particular por la que lucha el feminismo.

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